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Healthy Doesn't Have To Be Boring

Life is an adventure, fuel it with our superfood cereal.
Simple. Honest. Awesome.
17 Organic Super Foods

Dee's Organic Gluten-Free Super Cereal

For those who love whole-grains while enjoying a gluten-free diet, this is the tastiest way to start your day. Our wholesome recipe is made with all organic ingredients so you know you’re fueling your body 
with the best in terms of health and taste.

Packed with fiber, antioxidants, Omega-3s and protein, this wholesome cereal gives your body the perfect boost first thing in the morning and sustained energy throughout the day. With a recipe that combines 100% whole grains, crunchy nuts, crispy seeds, and real fruit and berries, you can feel good that you are fueling your body with USDA certified organic Superfoods and absolutely nothing artificial.

Mix 1/3 cup Dee's Super Cereal with 2/3 cup milk, juice, or water. Add salt to taste. 
Microwave for 90 seconds to 3 minutes until desired consistency is achieved. 
Serve and Enjoy!

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